Committed to advancing renewable energy.

Established in 2011 and offering 15+ years of wind turbine cable trenching experience, JTH Wind is headquartered in Forest City, Iowa. We've trenched over 1,300 miles, cabled over 3,800 miles, and bored over 41 miles across the United States — including projects in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, and Virginia. 

Our windfarm division is a natural evolution from the company’s origins as a farm drainage specialist — the trenching technology, although much more complicated, follows the same basic principles. Our team is well aware of the issues presented by broken tile in the surrounding farm property and our goal is to install the various forms of cabling necessary for windfarm electrical production as efficiently as possible and without any detrimental effects to the property. Agricultural costs being what they are, JTH Wind strives to be innovative and a partner for all parties of the project.